Orientation Induction

Show Support is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace through:

  1. Identifying and controling hazards and risks through safety procedures
  2. Complying with legislation
  3. Effective Management
  4. Consultation with staff/ongoing training, two way communications

Fit For Work

Crew must have zero influence of drugs and alcoholCrew must communicate pre-existing conditions/injuriesCrew must manage fatiqueIs there any reason crew should not be onsite


Steel Caps are required on All ShiftsHard Hats are required on All Shifts


Never operate equipment without correct qualificationsKnow how to stop equipment in your areaKeep a safe distance from machinery being operated

Vehicle Movements

Keep a safe distance from vehicles at all timesWear Hi VIs safety vests near vehiclesAlways use hazard lights and have someone guide trucks into position


Check for ANSI safety stickerNever use a faulty ladderAlways ensure crew foot the ladder and keep a 4:1 ratioAvoid standing on the top two rungs

Manual Handling

Lift correctly-bend knees, Keep back straightNever attempt to lift too heavy a load - carry in sectionshave correct number of crew to lift- use 4 crew where possiblePack trucks safety, follow experienced crewTake care on truck ramps, never let go of cases at the top of ramps

Reporting Incidents

All incidents/near misses or hazards should be reported to your supervisor or call 0295562011 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Induction Details

Full Name