Information Sheet

Information Sheet

Postal Address

NSW 2207

Contact Details

Email (for pays):
Email (for rostering):

General Information

  • You can check your Upcoming Jobs at and click Crew Login
  • Select Crew as your User Type
  • Enter your mobile number as your Username (no spaces)
  • Enter your mobile number as your Password (no spaces)
  • Once you are Logged In you can change your password and check all of your upcoming bookings, your last four weeks pay history and you can also see other people who are booked on your shift with you. You can also enter your unavailability into our system if you are booked on other work or have personal commitments. We encourage everyone to update their unavailability regularly. We will assume people to be available otherwise.
  • Whatever you see in the database is current.
  • You will also receive SMS notifications of your shifts at the time of booking. In addition to this a reminder SMS will be sent at 16:00pm the day before your shift and if your shift occurs between 22:00pm and 09:00am (after hours) you will receive an SMS reminder 45mins before your start time.
  • The pay week is from Monday to Sunday with the payday being the following Wednesday. The money is put straight into your bank account by EFT in the afternoon and pay slip is sent out which you should receive in your mail box the following day, Thursday. When you receive it you should check it against the hours that you worked straight away. If there are any problems you should report them by email to whether we have underpaid you OR overpaid you.
  • If you are a high level technician and have your own Public Liability Policy (min $20 000 000) then you may invoice us under your ABN. To do this you must provide us with a current Certificate of Currency. This can be sent to the above address, emailed to or faxed to (02) 9556 2015. Invoices received by Monday will be paid the following Wednesday.
  • If you do not have your own public liability insurance then you must go on the books. When filling out the Tax File Dec, make sure you tick every applicable box, or we will not be able to pay you. Also, tick the Casual Employment box in question 7 where it asks you “On what basis are you paid?” Also, please be very careful that you get your tax file number right. The law states that people who do not fill in a Tax Dec and send it in on time are to be taxed 50%. Also, please think carefully about Q13, whether or not you would like to claim the tax free threshold. I am not advising you what to tick, but most people who tick “no” end up sending in a new form later, on which they have ticked “yes”.

Below are some helpful tips:

In order to be eligible for casual engagements with Show Support you must:

  • Be 15 minutes early.
  • Always work safely and within WHS guidelines.
  • SMS your hours at the end of each shift.
  • Be appropriately dressed (Show Support polo or dress shirt, neat long black pants.
  • Wear black, steel capped safety boots or shoes (AT ALL TIMES)
  • Wear your Show Support Waist Pack with tools in it at all times during the job.
  • Be courteous and obliging to clients, Crew Chiefs, Senior Crew Members, fellow Crew Members and anyone onsite.
  • Always follow the instructions of the clients/Crew Chiefs and ALWAYS stay until you are knocked off by the client.
  • Put in 110% effort.
  • Familiarise yourself with and abide by the information in the Pre-Job Checklist – http

While working for Show Support never answer your phone unless in cases of an emergency or if the SHS Office calls.

Never blow out a gig. If you can’t make an Upcoming Job then CALL the office, no matter the time of day.

Show Support takes a very dim view of people who do not show up to gigs they have been booked on. We would rather tell a client that we are unable provide a crewmember than to book one and have them not show up. If you blow out a gig, you might be given one more chance to redeem yourself, or you might be instantly suspended if your record was not so good in other areas. If you are given a second chance then you have a year’s probation period. If in the space of a year from the date that you blew out your first gig, you blow out a second one, then you are suspended for a year.

Never give a client your phone number even if they ask you under any circumstances. Always tell them that they must ring the office to discuss any arrangements concerning crew.

Never allow the client to change or alter bookings or times with you directly. Always tell them that they must ring the office to discuss any arrangements concerning crew.

Never allow a client to cancel an upcoming shift with you. Always tell them that they must ring the office to discuss any arrangements concerning crew.