SHS Health and Safety Policy

SHS Health and Safety Policy


Show Support Pty Ltd is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all of our workers.
Show Support Pty Ltd further recognises its responsibilities to provide a safe and healthy work environment for contractors, clients, visitors and the public.
Show Support Pty Ltd may be abbreviated to SHS.


This policy covers all activities and persons working within any premises of, or onsite for, Show Support Pty Ltd.


The objective of this policy is to ensure all workers are able to work in an environment which doesn’t cause harm to them and where they contribute to continuously improving work health and safety within the Show Support Pty Ltd business.


Show Support Pty Ltd provides, maintains and promotes a safe work environment and safety management system that is characterised by:

  • A systematic approach to identifying, assessing and controlling health and safety issues and risks through the development and implementation of suitable procedures;
  • Ensuring as far as practicable all operations conducted by workers are in accordance with relevant legislation and regulatory requirements and relevant industry standards;
  • Effective management demonstrated by commitment and direct involvement at all levels of the company;
  • Effective two-way communication as an integral part of every job;
  • The provision of appropriate facilities, equipment, education, training and supervision for workers to ensure healthy and safe working conditions and methods.


Creating a safe work environment and care for the environment is the responsibility of all Show Support Pty Ltd workers.

To achieve the stated policy objective, the commitment and contribution of each and every worker is required through:

  • Taking responsibility for the health and safety of themselves and their fellow workmates;
  • Not compromising personal health and safety in the mistaken belief that other requirements are more important;
  • Considering health and safety as an integral part of their work.

Show Support Pty Ltd Management are required to:
Facilitate continuous improvement through periodic review of objectives and systems, practices and procedures to ensure their continued effectiveness and relevance.

β€œIt is the responsibility of managers and employees to demonstrate a personal commitment to our Health & Safety policy.”