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The below Individual Flexibility Agreement is optional and will enable greater opportunities with Show Support


At Show Support, we are passionate about our Employee Driven Engagement focus. This proposal of an Individual Flexibility Agreement (IFA) under Clause 27(1)(a)(iv) of the Show Support (Crewing Services) Enterprise Agreement 2014 (the Agreement) is to allow crew members to opt in to being part of a pool of people that will get first dibs on gigs that require travel.

You do not have to accept this proposal, and you do not even have to agree to this IFA to have access to regional gigs. It is just that there are some of our crew that prefer to attend certain kinds of events, and we want to make sure that we make preferential offers to those who are keen on doing this kind of work.


This IFA is between You You (the Employee) and Show Support Pty Ltd (ABN 42 112 726 833) (Show Support).

Term of the Agreement that is varied

This IFA variesΒ Clause 10; 10.3 Travel to distant eventsΒ of the Agreement.

From time to time, Show Support has the opportunity to work on high profile events that are outside the greater metropolitan area of the capital city of the State or Territory that the Employee lives in (a preferred distant event). By entering into this IFA, the Employee benefits from early opportunities to be rostered for preferred distant events. The early opportunities are offered in three stages:

  • Stage 1: The Employee may be sent a text message through the Show Support dispatch system, informing the Employee of the opportunity to work at the distant event. The employee may volunteer to attend this distant event. If a preferred distant event is accepted at this stage, no additional amounts for travel will be paid to the Employee.
  • Stage 2: Show Support may contact the Employee, and offer an incentive bonus to attend the preferred distant event. The incentive bonus will be payable if the Employee actually attends all the shifts volunteered for. Beyond the incentive bonus, no additional amounts for travel will be paid to the Employee for preferred distant events accepted in Stage 2.
  • Stage 3: If the Employee does not accept work at Stage 1 or Stage 2, Show Support may request the Employee to work in the normal way, according to Clause 10.3 of the Agreement. This request will be sent by email to the employee, and will specifically outline the travel allowances payable for that shift.

How is this better off overall for the Employee?

Preferred distant events are often in high demand by employees for personal reasonsβ€”often, this is because employees like the band who is performing, want to travel to that location, or simply be a part of a historic event. There isn't always enough work at these preferred distant events to go around though, and Show Support employees don't want to be excluded from the opportunity to work at these gigs merely because they are not close by.

Through this IFA, the Employee is better off overall because the Employee will benefit from:

  • early access to preferred distant events, and a greater variety of opportunities to do work; and
  • the ability to elect whether they want to do work in another location, because it suits them.

The Employee can at any time elect not to volunteer for a distant preferred event, and in these cases this IFA simply will not apply. This IFA in no way diminishes the Employee's ability to enjoy benefits under the Agreement.

This IFA accordingly meets the genuine needs of both the Employee and Show Support

The date the agreement commences to operate

This IFA will commence on date, and replaces all earlier agreements about the same subject matter.

Termination of the agreement

This IFA may be terminated at any time in accordance with the Agreement.

Agreed on behalf of Show Support by:

David Neil

Authorised Representative of
Show Support Pty Ltd

I have read and understood the terms of the above Individual Flexibility Agreement

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